Unique permaculture garden in the Italian Alps: visit farm restaurant Maso Plaz

We have a weekly garden market where you can find heirloom fruit and vegetables as well as organic garden plants. Visit our amazing permaculture garden that has grown to an actual edible forest in the middle of the Italian Alps!

Our understanding of Permaculture

The shortest and best definition of Permaculture was given by the founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison: "Permaculture is the creation of small paradises on earth"
Our Permaculture is a habitat where different plants are grown in mixed culture and thus support each other. With the help of beneficial insects, wild animals, and microorganisms, the plants are healthy. The many herbs and flowering perennials provide the habitat for numerous insects, such as bees, bumble bees, butterflies and bugs that pollinate our fruit trees and flowers. The bees are one of the three most important living creatures on the farm. Without them, humanity would starve. All of the insects, animals, and birds on the farm need food, just like millions of tiny insects and micro-organisms that live on and under the plants. To encourage larger animals such as hedgehogs and slow worms, we built stone piles and brushwood hills.

We planted wild fruit to supply a rich year-round food supply for the many species of birds who keep the fruit trees free of worms and lice. Already, an ecosystem has evolved that has a much greater diversity most of species than the surrounding cultural landscape. In order to not interfere with this, absolutely no chemical and biological agents have been used.
Our work is regulating use and affects the pruning and mowing. But we can harvest all year round. From early spring to late autumn, there is a constant supply of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, bulbs and roots. They are always fresh for cooking and selling. Even in mid-winter we harvest wild winter green vegetables and also the seeds from our mother plants of perennials and herbs for propagation.

Garden Map of our Permaculture

This is a map of the whole project including our permaculture garden, various services and attractions:

 Mappa Giardino Didattico Val di Non - Permacultura Trentino

  1. Entrance and parking spaces
  2. Plant Shop
  3. Toilet WC
  4. Tasting Cellar
  5. Gastronomy
  6. Chapel & lake
  7. Fruits & Wild Berrys
  8. Permaculture & heirloom fruit tree varieties
  9. Squash, special cultures & Bamboo
  10. Forest lake, Fish farm & autumn plants
  11. Seasonal Vegetable cultures


Park Regulations

This Park Regulation is automatically accepted and followed once you access the area.

  • Maso Plaz is a private property and can only be visited in the scheduled opening days.
  • Many plants in this garden contain harmful and poisonous substances. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO TOUCH OR PICK ANY KIND OF PLANT IN THIS AREA!
  • Dogs can only access the garden on a dog leash.
    Dog owners are responsible to remove the excrements of the animal.
  • Swimming in the Waterponds is strictly forbidden. Visitors are in each moment responsible for their own safety and the safety of their children.

Garden Photo Gallery of our permaculture edible garden Maso Plaz in Val di Non

In our unique permaculture project people can discover lost tastes of heirloom plants and see a different kind of sustainable agriculture. Get a glimpse on our visitor garden in our gallery>


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