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Garden Restaurant and organic Agritourism in the heart of the Alps: Maso Plaz Farm

Our Agritourism with local products and genuine ingredients from our permaculture garden will be open and available from tuesday to sunday. We are looking forward to your visit in our renovated kitchen and our beautiful visitor garden.

Start of Farm Restaurant Season 2019

We start our season on march 22 with seasonal highlights for your palate. Reservations callin our phone ++39 339 1390016 or through this website!

Agritourism, Cuisine and garden visits in our permaculture 2019

We are open from march to november every thursday to sunday and from november to december every saturday and sunday. Visit our relaxing garden itineraries. Look at our great offer of natural perennial plants and seasonal garden products. Taste the traditional local cuisine and home made juices. Se offer culinary events and seasonal dishes all year round.

Program & Events 2019

  • 22.03.19 - 14.04.19 Dentilion weeks: Discover our herbal recipes made from spring herbs!
  • 26.04.19 - 26.05.19 Asparagus weeks: our spring favorite is the farm grown green organic asparagus. Discover it's many varieties in our restaurant!
  • 28.06.19 - 28.07.19 Artichoke weeks: The mountain artichoke is a seasonal highlight that only grows on sunny and crispy mountain ranges. Taste our tender fresh artichokes!
  • 30.08.19 - 29.09.19 Pumpkin weeks: since almost 20 years we produce squash varieties at Maso Plaz Farm. Discover our big pumpkin exposition and taste amazing squash plates this autumn!
  • 05.10.19 - 25.11.19 Törggele weeks: taste new wine, sour kraut, fresh sausages, knödel and chestnut in this typical seasonal feast!


Agritourism at Maso Plaz

We opened our restored Vaults where we can receive groups of up to 30 persons for degustations of our typical seasonal products like pumpkins, sour kraut, homemade sausages and Strudel. We are looking forward for your reservation!


Roundwalk Forcola di Cloz - Maso Plaz

On the website you can discover this roundwalk starting at Maso Plaz:

Photo Gallery Farm Restaurant Maso Plaz

Have a look at some impressions at our magnificent farm restaurant throughout the year. Plates, ingredients, ambience and season for a unique farm dining experience!


Farm Shop and Garden Market from April to November

In our antique farm-shop you can find a large variety of fresh fruit and vegetable products from our own garden. There are also juices, wines, liquors, teas, ham and sausages or home baked bread. We also offer typical products from local producers such as olive oil from the Garda Lake region, Groppello wine or “Schüttelbrot” from Ultental.

We also have a small garden shop where you can purchase plants throughout the season that are adapted to our climate. From spring to autumn, we offer a nice variety of hardy plants like flowering and ornamental shrubs, trees and herbs. They are provided as potted plants and sold from the table.

Itinerary to Maso Plaz

Maso Plaz can be reached from all four directions within the Italian Region "Trentino Alto Adige".

(coming from Switzerland or Austria) crossing the “Passo Palade/Gampenpass”

From the south: (coming from Italy) via “Mezzocorona Val di Non”

From the east: (Coming from Austria and Bolzano) via “Passo della mendola/Mendelpass”

From the West:via “Val d'Ultimo/Ultental”

On Google Maps look for the following itinerary: Lana-Lauregno-Brez-Maso Plaz

Itinerario Maso Plaz

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