Maso Plaz

Organic Farm & Restaurant in the Italian Alps

From the village of Arsio, a small street winds through the woods and hills, and after traveling up the last hill, you will reach the Farm at its final point. Visitors will find fields and gardens surrounding the farmhouse. Within the park one will find an ornamental lake and a 20.000m2 orchard with many varieties of fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers. On the upper part of the farm is a water well which provides the entire garden with fresh, clean water.

Maso Plaz has become a organic Farm Restaurant in the Italian Alps


In our completely renewed dining room you can try our finest gourmet creations. The room is renewed with the highest respect for the history and culture of the building and preserves its historic character. The interior creates an atmosphere of comfort and provide an authentic image of the traditional lifestyle of the area and the farm.
In our permaculture garden we've also finished our new water pond, a beautiful and relaxing setting where to enjoy our garden at it's best..

Maso Plaz: The organic Agritourism in Val di Non




Maso Plaz in Alta Val di Non: History & Surroundings

Maso Plaz is the farm that, for two hundred years, was the home of the Niederjaufners, a family who lived on, and depended upon, the land for their survival. During the second half of the 19th century, a few members of the family immigrated to the U.S. and Canada, where the descendants of those family members still live. The Niederjaufners who remained at Maso Plaz brought economic success to the farm in the beginning of the 20th century. The farmhouse and barns were expanded, a water pipeline and reservoirs were constructed to create an all-surface irrigation system, and a beautiful little chapel was built sheltering a famous statue of the Madonna. Thanks to fertile soils and the irrigation system, the farm has produced abundant fruits, vegetables, shrubs and trees.

Famiglia Niederjaufner

In 1996 Alois Margesin became the new owner of Maso Plaz after a long search for a place to realize his dream of a self sufficient life. His dream was based on the concept of permaculture principles, whereby a perennial agricultural system grows and depends on the interrelationships of plants and animals in natural ecosystems.

Maso Plaz an agricultural settlement in Alta Val di Non

The farmhouse is part of a century old ensemble of historical houses, including wide cellars, barns, and working and living facilities. Several areas of the house are being restored for future use in the agriculture business, such as the farm shop, the kitchen, and bed and breakfast apartments.


Maso Plaz Complesso

 Il Maso


Photo Gallery of our Permaculture Farm in Val di Non Italy

Maso Plaz has a long history, discover some impressions of the farmhouse and surroundings in our gallery.


Our permaculture Farm is set in the heart of the Alps northern Italy

Maso Plaz is located in the upper “Val di Non” within the community of Brez, which is in the region of Italy called the Südtirol. The Südtirol is in Northern Italy and is bordered by Austria and Switzerland, with a landscape that includes lush valleys and the spectacular Dolomite Mountain Range and the Southern Alps. Maso Plaz sits at an altitude of 950 m and is surrounded by meadows and woods and away from the noises of the cities and roads.

Lago di Tovel

From the sweeping panoramic views, visitors can see the entire Val di Non, including beautiful mountain villages, and the mountains of Gampenpass, Mendola, and the Brenta Dolomites. The mild climate at Maso Plaz provides many hours of sunshine, and it is protected from the North Winds by the forests and mountains. Light wind currents cool the summer heat, making for pleasant summer temperatures.

Maso Plaz Vista Panoramica


All year round at our Italian permaculture farm

The spring is one of the most beautiful seasons at Maso Plaz. All the fruit threes and plants are flowering. This year, because of the extremly warm temperatures in April the vegetation is about 1 month earlier than normallly.

Biodiversity on Maso Plaz is mostly visible in summertime. We will make a virtual walkabout around the farm and begin on the central water pond in near the little church situated in front of the farmhouse. From here we reach the large vegetable garden with a lot of seasonal vegetable, herbs and flowers. Then we pass the fruit garden with kiwis, currents, blackberries and strawberries and arrive to the greenhouse where are growing different kinds of tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. Following we find a cultivation of cabbage for sauerkraut, a field of asparagus and the apple garden with different kinds of apples. Finally we reach the large Permaculture with a large range of fruit threes in combination with herbs and perennial plants. After passing the Permaculture we arrive to the pumpkin field with 80 different kinds of pumkins and to a little Bamboo forest with small and big bamboo. After that all we finally reach the nursery with hunderts of ornamental shrubs and threes, accompanied with elephant grass and a strawberry field. At the end we have to mention the outstanding fields with potatoes and other pumpkins.

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